Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vivitar Point-and-Shoot Test Shots

We bought the Vivitar P&S film camera for only 500 pesos buy-one-take-one from the local online deal store: cashcashpinoy, our local Groupon. If you are Pinoy, chances are, you've already heard or used that site.

It comes with a false panorama slide that you have to insert inside the cam's body. What it does is it gives the image a black border at the top and the bottom, fooling the eye into thinking that it's seeing a panoramic shot.

These were taken in Angono and Antipolo City, both in Rizal Province, Philippines.

First five photos are from Angono. This town offers idyllic spots, perfect for those who are tired of the city life. We just walked around and took photos of interesting subjects.

Here's a restaurant area, where you could choose your preferred "kubo" (nipa hut) to dine in. I don't know the name of the resto, it's closed when we went there, but their specialty are duck dishes, specifically, roasted ducks.

Since Angono is considered as the country's art capital, there are lots of places where art is their business. This one is the entrance to a factory of world-class sculptures. Again, my memory fails me in remembering the name of this place. You could easily spot it though, as it is near a prominent landmark in the town, the Iglesia station.

We walked further and spotted this huge carabao carving at a waiting shed. Each barangay in Angono have epic sculptures, but we weren't able to take pictures of all of it using this camera.

Finally, we went home to Pao's parents' home in Antipolo and strolled in the park within the subdivision. We spotted this old water tower, which looks like a UFO for me.

That's it for now. :)


  1. So you had this developed pa? cool! :)

    1. Thanks michymichymoo. Yup, through Digiprint,we leave film in their shop and they send it back to our home through LBC after a week. Film photography is difficult nowadays since most photo stores have already shifted to digital mode. I think there's still lots of people who still use film, but I do use digital cams, too. :)

      Thanks for dropping by. BTW, your blog is very informative! You try out several places to dine in, because of it, I now have a long list of restos to try out teehee :))


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