Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lantern Parade 2012

I met up with some college friends that I haven't seen in years last Friday, December 14th, to watch the annual Christmas Lantern Parade in UP Diliman.

It was catch-up time, so we really didn't take lots of pictures of the lanterns/floats being paraded. It's just a nice feeling to chat with friends in person, we've all been busy with our own lives. We reminisced, laughed, talked and had a great time.

Here's a few snaps I took using just an ipod touch.

Flying fish!

I'm not sure what this is, just looks pretty.

A Nightmare before Christmas Rudolph

Alien abduction of a creature

Fantasy flying ship

Would you like to be kissed by this guy?
It just occurred to me that technology in photography has come a long way indeed. Almost everyone is lugging around photographic equipment, even kids have the expensive ones. Parades are great for photo moments, it's just that I got a bit dizzy seeing camera flashes from all directions.

I love going to the annual parade. I try each year to find time to watch it. As a spectator for several years, I realized that I really am getting old, but it's a warm, fuzzy feeling. Yes, I do see the world changing right before my eyes in my mundane existence, but gatherings like this one amplify those changes. Making me sit back not only to marvel at the beauty of change, but to also mourn losses.

It's almost Christmas. Have a happy holiday!

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