Thursday, December 20, 2012

Intramuros in light-leaky images

I have mentioned several times on this blog that I have an old Yashica FX-D film camera. It is not in good condition, its joints are covered in black tape, film inside has a propensity to get stuck often, among other things. Most of the prints taken in sunny conditions get lots of light leaks.

Despite all of these drawbacks, I still love using it. Instead of seeing an image that is a close approximation of the real thing, I get to see them in a surreal light.

Here's some photos taken using my (not so) trusty Yashica. I used redscale film (or is it expired film?).

The film did give this vintage structure, a very vintage effect, without using Instagram or other filtering programs.

The light leak looks like a blob of light that's about to enter the darkened church.

For vintage, worn photo-looks, redscale film really does deliver.

I held the cam still for about a minute (or did I use a tripod? I forgot.), slow-shutter mode thingy (no, not HDR) to allow more light to expose the film, it then gave the image color even if the film is redscale. (Or, it could just be a freak accident that this one got color-y) 
I will sleep after I finish writing this post, and this photo made me think that it could be a great setting for a dream sequence, as long as it's not a nightmare.

Finally, this sculpture, for me, is just so moving. The subject is heartbreaking, dying of poverty and hunger. I guess, the film and the light leaks made the image a lot gloomier as it is.

What have I learned with this? Well, using a cheap, ready-made redscale film gives unpredictable "filters" on your photos. If you want a vintage, warm, worn look on your images without PS, this could greatly help in your project.

Redscale film by Lomography is one of my favorite types of film to use. The results on each frame, on every roll developed, is very varied, it surprises you.

That's it for now.

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