Saturday, September 24, 2011

On basketball.

I have one word for my recent posts. Overkill. I think I kept going on about taking photos. This happens to me when I am trying to learn something. It's about time to write something different. Besides, I can't think clearly because my housemate's got a visitor who's watching college basketball on TV, he's so noisy. Cheering. The sound is grating. Infuriatingly.

Perhaps I should write about basketball. I don't like it. I only bear watching basketball with my father, (but he's dead for two years now,) just so because he makes funny comments on how bwakaw one player is, or the other one is a balyador, stuff like that, while I watch and look out for mascots on the sidelines and comment on his/her mascot moves. My father would laugh at my punchlines about the mascots.

I don't like the concept of the game of basketball, and now I have no reason to ever watch another game, I would only miss my dad. He's the only reason why I watch basketball on lazy weekend afternoons.

My dad loves sports. He knows how to play tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball; swimming, diving, he was a former soldier of the Philippine Marines. Of course his favorite is shooting real bullets in a firing range, not that war games thing that uses pellets. He has a glock, a smith & wesson revolver and a double-barrel shotgun, which he loves cleaning during the weekends. I haven't learned any of the things that he's good at. I can only do a back float and a backstroke. Since he's my father, I see him as a Super Dad, who knows lots of stuff, because on top of that, he can draw realistic carabaos. At least he drew, even if it's just carabaos.

Back to basketball. I know my dad loves the sport. He appreciates those who play well and is a teamplayer. He wants an interesting game where both teams are neck and neck against each other. Now this noisy visitor, he keeps on screaming GO ATENEO!!!! at the top of his lungs. First of all, he is not an atenista, he's an out of school youth who goes to the university of DOTA, not that there's anything wrong with being an out of school youth, just as long as you try to make yourself useful to society. Alak, DOTA, yosi, clubbing clubbing, (talagang nagtagalog na, di kinaya). And what really irked me and made me sad at the same time is that, he is only cheering "go ateneo" to make himself look cool and privileged, whatever shallow reason he has. Pa-cool. Where's the love for the game?

I don't like basketball, but I don't impose it on other people. I even enjoy looking at people who are so excited about the game. Really excited to see people cheer for a good play of the game that they love, not for yabang reasons. And so I am both mad and sad. I'm mad about the noise coming from an annoying, obnoxious person, and I'm sad because I miss my father and hate to be reminded about it, because it's painful to make me aware of my sadness and loss.

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